Top 10 Reasons to Start Golf Workout Plan

Are you want to start a golf workout plan? But You don’t know why do you need golf fitness. Welcome to our latest post. In this article, we have written a top 10 reasons to start golf fitness. If you are interested to know that then you can read our full post. We are hoping that you will get your currect answer on this post.

golf workout plan

Introduction to Golf Workout Plan

Twenty years ago, the words golf and fitness might have never been used in the same sentence, especially when the majority of golfers were beer-bellied guys riding in carts. Many did not even view golf as a sport, but rather a game played by nonathletes too old or out of shape to play more strenuous sports. This belief changed after Tiger Woods began dominating the world of golf.

Through fitness, Tiger Woods completely changed his body and swing. He went from being a thin teenager with a loose, unreliable swing to having the body of an elite athlete with a controlled, powerful swing that has forever changed the game of golf. Legendary golfer Gary Player, with nine major championship wins, credits Woods for revolutionizing the game of golf. Player says that Woods’s success has been noticed by the rest of the Tour and is making a big impact on how the game is perceived. “He raised the bar for those on Tour,” Player said about Woods.

Ask any Tour player today and most will tell you that they have had to either beef up their fitness routine or start a program all together just to keep from getting lapped by the top players in the world. Padraig Harrington, who won two majors in the 2008 season, the British Open and PGA (Professional Golf Association) Championship, said that Tiger Woods inspired him to work even harder.

Top 10 Reasons to Start Golf Fitness

  1. Golf fitness helps you hit it longer. Doing golf-specific strength and speed exercises is one of the fastest ways to improve your distance off the tee.
  2. Golf fitness helps you hit more solid golf shots. When you improve your fitness, you improve your body’s ability to move fluidly and effectively, therefore delivering more power to the ball with less effort. Improving your mobility, strength, and balance helps you execute your golf swing more efficiently to make better and more consistent contact with the ball. It’s will help your golf workout plan.
  3. Golf fitness helps protect you from injury. Last year golfers suffered approximately 35,000 injuries that required a trip to the emergency room or doctor, according to the National Safety Council. Strengthening your muscles, especially in your body’s midsection or core, offers protection to the rest of your body. A strong core improves the performance of your other muscles, therefore helping to prevent chronic nagging and acute injuries
  4. Golf fitness helps you play longer. Being fit is the key to golf longevity. As we age, we lose flexibility and strength, so the more fit you are, the more you can ward off the negative effects of aging
  5. Golf fitness helps you perform at your peak. When your body and mind are fit and strong, you are able to perform at your highest level
  6. Golf fitness helps save your joints. Arthritis affects 50 percent of Americans over the age of 65. It is most common in the hips, spine, and knees. Maintaining strength in your muscles and joints helps you swing better and prevent potential injuries
  7. Golf fitness helps you concentrate and focus better. Being physically fit helps you be more alert and ward off fatigue so you can concentrate and focus better and longer while you play. One area recreational golfers most often neglect is their nutritional intake before and especially during a round of golf. Managing your food intake and adding certain nutrients to your diet not only help you concentrate and focus more on the golf course but also keep your heartbeat steady as you make an important shot or putt, help your muscles fire faster for more power, help you fight fatigue so you can play and practice longer, and even keep your blood pressure down so you can keep your cool after a bad shot
  8. Golf fitness helps protect your back. The golf swing is one of the most stressful movements on the lower back. Becoming more physically fit helps protect your back and prevents potential injuries. By eliminating those nagging aches and pains before, during, or after a round of golf, you can practice and play more often.
  9. Golf fitness helps combat chronic diseases. Worried about heart disease? Hoping to prevent osteoporosis? Regular exercise helps prevent or manage these diseases and maintains your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  10. Golf fitness helps you sleep better. Struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep? Becoming physically active helps you sleep better, and a good night’s sleep improves your concentration and focuses on the golf course.


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