Golf Tee Shots With Irons | Guide and Tips

Are you looking for learning to golf tee shots with irons? If yes, then read our full article. In this article, we have guided the golfer on how to make a perfect golf tee shots with irons.


Golf Tee Shots

Let’s be honest, most golfers love to drive the ball. It’s fun and exciting and when we deliver a great shot, well, it just looks good.

But for many golfers, tee shots are more troublesome than joyful. Hooks, slices, shanked balls–we have all had our share of shots gone wrong. In this section, we’ll show you how to correct them.

Not all tee shots are performed with the driver. Each hole demands its own club, which increases the importance of proper club selection.


Buy a small notebook that will fit in your golf bag. It is virtually impossible to select the right club for your tee shot if you do not know the distance you hit each club.

In your notebook, jot down each club you carry, starting with your driver and going down to your wedges. During this first week, you will need to visit the driving range at least once, preferably twice or more.

Starting with your shorter clubs, hit several balls with each club, writing down the average distances in your notebook. Work your way up to the driver, but do not rush it— take your time and get some accurate averages.

This information will be invaluable later. As you go through your clubs, note how you hit each one. Is there a particular club you are having trouble with? Jot it down, along with the specifics of the problem.

Tee Shots Basics

Every golfer who is struggling with his or her game should focus on keeping the ball in play when hitting off the tee. We all love the distance, especially off the tee, but accuracy is more important right now.

As you step up onto the tee area, take a moment to look down the fairway and choose a target within your capabilities. Using the distance information you gathered at the range, choose the club that will get you closest to your target.

When you set up, look at your grip and make sure you have the right posture for the club you are using. If you are using your driver, place your feet shoulder-width apart and position the ball just off your left heel. Make sure your head is positioned behind the ball until impact.

Regardless of which club you are using on the tee, do not try to rip through the ball using your arm muscles, as that will lead to a poor shot. Instead, use a smooth, deliberate golf swing to create clubhead speed. That is the key to achieving a good distance.


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