Best Driver for Intermediate Golfer in 2019

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the Best Drivers For Intermediate Golfer.

After 24 hours of research, we have found out the best driver for the intermediate golfer. We want to help you find the best driver to take your game forward.


After 24 Hours Of Research The Test Winner


best driver for intermediate golfer



Why is it better?

  • New facial curvature w / correction face angle on off-center hits to reduce side spin and provide straighter shots
  • These are tight spreads that rarely have a negative impact on distance.
  • Great head design to look and feel on the ball.
best driver for intermediate golfer


Our Top 5 Best Driver for  Intermediate Golfer


1: TaylorMade M4 Driver


best driver for intermediate golfer best driver for intermediate golfer


The Best Driver for Intermediate Golfers



  • TaylorMade M4 Driver is the best driver for the intermediate golfer.
  • The M4 driver features two new innovations and a favorite from the M2 to form a brand new generation of straight distance and supreme forgiveness.
  • Twist Face Technology introduces a new curve that reduces side spin by changing the loft to common accident locations to help you find the fairway.
  • The included Hammerhead slot may be the only newly redesigned slot for the TaylorMade’s most adjustable driver startup.
  • TaylorMade’s M4 driver is ideal for golfers wanting to induce additional consistent performance off the tee with a mix of distance, forgiveness, and accuracy.


  • Twist face correction reduces sidespin at the common miss-hit location to provide shots removed from the curvature tee.
  • The sole new hammerhead slot allows for a more flexible clubface, creating a larger sweet spot.
  • Geographical technology creates single shapes for strong, explosive sounds and reduces the volume to create a larger, more forgiving face.
  • 4A The Fine-Tune Loft and Launch Personalized.
  • This revolutionary new face curvature with a headcover twist face increases the loft on the upper-leg and reduces the lump in the lower-heel area to reduce side spin. You often hit the ball straighter, limiting the spin to these common accidental zones. The hammerhead slot reinforces the powerful outer parts of this new single-slot design that allows for a lighter, more flexible face while the center part increases the speed on the shots and increases the distance while minimizing spin. Geotechnical technology This unique single design allows you to shape your drivers for the strong, explosive sound they want. This reduces the volume to a single size, allowing for a larger, more forgiving club face. The adjustable Loft Sleeve M4 driver is available in four lofts, each of which has a 4A adjustable lid and lies to further customize your performance.


best driver for intermediate golfer


2: Callaway Men’s Great Big Bertha Driver


best driver for intermediate golfer best driver for intermediate golfer


The Best Game Improvement Driver for the Intermediate Golfers


The Big Bertha is another of those renowned old driver arrangement brought back by its maker as of late.

The first was perhaps the best driver consistently, reclassifying the manner in which individuals saw golf clubs. The new standard adaptation of the Great Big Bertha is apparently the best game improvement driver in the business at this moment, went for golfers with normal or moderate swing speeds.

It has a liberal 460cc clubhead with an expansive and shallow structure that vigorously supports absolution. The crown is manufactured composite, with liberal border weighting, and there are sliding loads that include a bonus in regards to flexible highlights.

best driver for intermediate golfer




  • There is the “wow” factor when it comes to distance, you can hit the booming drive with this club.
  • One of the most forgiving drivers of the business.
  • The swing is easy, just gives you the confidence to let tee hurry.
  • Sliding weights can be used to fine-tune your favorite driver.
  • The dark finish offers sophistication and elegance.



  • Alignment support is not prominent or distinctive enough to do the job.
  • Draw bias inherent dislike for some golfers.


3: TaylorMade Men’s M1 460cc Driver


best driver for intermediate golfer best driver for intermediate golfer


The Best Customizable Driver for the Intermediate Golfers


With a distinctive black and white finish on the large 460cc clubhouse, the TaylorMade’s M1 manages to come out of the pack.

By using a lot of carbon at the clubhead, they manage to pull off the valuable weight and use it to monopolize a number of adjustable weight properties.

There are two sliding weights, one to reduce and reduce the COG and MoI, the other tweaks fade or bias.

Add an adjustable loft hosel, and making it one of the biggest game improvement drivers for you, it has more customizing settings on the M1 than most companions.

best driver for intermediate golfer




  • One of the best in long-distance games, even chaos is capable of getting serious distances.
  • With lofts and twin sliding weights, class combinations are best.
  • It still keeps it simple in the department.
  • Excellent playability, you can tweak distance or finesse priority clubs.



  • Probably not one of the best golf drivers for intermediate golfers.
  • Many durability features may force some golfers to seek the help of a club-fitter.


4: Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver


best driver for intermediate golfer best driver for intermediate golfer


The Best Upgradable Driver for the Intermediate Golfers


Callaway’s GBB Epic Driver features two titanium rods that connect to the crown face, limiting thin face flexing. Callaway calls it its jailbreak technology.

Thanks to the use of high-tech triaxial carbon fiber in the crown, the weight of the club head is not affected by the excess titanium.

The weight of a sliding perimeter makes it easy to modify a task or task, and aerodynamics at the step of the step helps maximize club head movement.

Hosel allows for a combination of plus-2 and minus-1. This Callaway video on YouTube explains what Jailbreak technology performs.

best driver for intermediate golfer




  • Downswing whoosh is seductive.
  • Aerodynamics produces a significant lack of air resistance.
  • Left track adjusts as easy as a track weight slide.
  • Noticeable punch from the mouth like the trampoline.
  • Jailbreak technology improves MOI for added stability.



  • Loft choices are limited and leave the adjustment gap.
  • The effect of spring is pronounced, but only near the center of the mouth.

5: PGX Offset Golf Driver


best driver for intermediate golfer best driver for intermediate golfer


The Best Budget Driver for the Intermediate Golfers


PGX offset golf driver head and an adjustable hosel, Wilson offers many advanced features to their lightweight driver.

They have been able to strategically shave weight from the shaft and clubhead to adjust this feature.

The PGX Offset series has some popular irons, which may be considered as one of the best golf irons for mid-handicappers. On the other hand, PGX offset drivers can also be found in reviews of our women’s golf clubs due to the lightweight, forgiveness and competitive price.

best driver for intermediate golfer




  • One of the easiest clubs to point and shoot across long distances.
  • Be consistent and accurate, helping you keep the shot at the least harmful.
  • Helps launch height at regular loft will.
  • A simple classic design and look, with a smooth matte black finish and chrome appendages.



  • The sound of the effect is disappointing.
  • Not suitable for fast swingers.



An intermediate golfer looking to shave strokes is harder to do than those who don’t have a driver like this one on the list. Of course, this driver has no option for range time.

Cranking a few great drives per round proves feasible, but reaching single digits is key. If you can already refine it – and of course give a moderate hurdle – this modern saddle can help you be more consistent.

The driver’s faces are hot and sweet spots are no longer big. We have recommended some best driver for the intermediate golfer.

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Why we should use high-quality golf club?

To be a good player, he has to look for enough good equipment in his casket. Because without the good tools it is not possible to improve the game. So every golfer has to collect good equipment. High-quality golf clubs will improve your game day by day. And also a good golf driver to use with the golf club.

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