Best Golf Club for Chipping | Top 5 Tips for Chipping

Every golfer doesn’t know which is the best golf club for chipping? Each player wants to improve their game but they can’t get the solution to some problems. Most of the beginners and intermediate golfer are faced with these problems: they can’t find out the best tools, they are not following guidelines of the expert like Tiger Woods, They don’t know which is the best for them, etc. They also are facing other problems.

In this post, we described the best golf club for chipping. If you want to buy a perfect golf club for your golf game then you can read our full post. In this post, we have written a buying guide for you. We have written this review after 48 hours of research.

Top 5 Best Chipping Club Ratio System:

1. Square Strike Wedge is The Best Golf Club for Chipping in 2019

After 38 hours of research, we found the best golf club for chipping. Enjoy your game with our recommended golf club.


best golf club for chipping


Square Strike Wedge 

Why is it better?

  • The extra-wide sole and beveled leading edge prevent digging.
  • More effective than chipping with your 7-IRON.
  • Putter-like length, 35.5 inches, and putter-like lie angle, 68 degrees.
  • Clubhead weight 330grams
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Left hand and Right hand
best golf club for chipping



Why Square Strike Wedge is the best golf club for chipping?

Square Strike Wedge is the best chipping golf club. Because of this chipping club is more effective than chipping with other clubs. You can easily use in your chipping shot. This golf club allows you to swing the ball very easily. Because of Putter length 35.5 inches and putter angle, 68 degrees plus anti-rotational weighting make it easy swing and controls. You also get 1-year manufacturer warranty with this chipping golf club.

Is it Legal for Tournament Play?

Yes! This chipping golf club is legal for tournament playing. Without breaking any rules you can play any tournament with this chipping golf club.

Why is it Better than Other golf clubs for chipping?

Are you looking to buy a golf club for chipping? But you could not find out the best chipping golf club then you can check “Square Strike Wedge” this golf club. After 38 hours of researching, we have found out the best golf club for chipping.

  • Perfect or golfers of all skill levels ( Like Beginners, intermediate and senior)
  • Play all distance pitches and chip shots with your regular grip and stroke
  • More forgiving on miss-hits than any wedge or short iron
  • Designed by Golfdigest
  • Without breaking any rules you can play legally in the tournament

Why Do You buy The Square Strike Wedge Chipping golf club?

Square Strike Wedge golf club is a very simple effective chipping golf club than other traditional clubs. You can make easily pitching and shipping shots than 7-iron or 8–iron club. This club shape is square that’s why every golf can use this club for chipping shots. Its clubhead weight is 330 grams. More than 100+ people have bought this club and get a better result than other clubs. You can check every user reviews on Amazon.


2. C3i Wedge – Premium Sand Wedge for Chipping Shot

C3i Wedge – Premium Sand Wedge is another best chipping golf club. It takes our second positions. We have researched this club and get some review on amazon. 80+ peoples are given review 4.5 stars who golfers get the best output from this chipping golf club. They also describe why this is the better one for golf chipping.

Why is it better for chipping?

  • No-friction glide though turf, No-effort flop shots
  • Legal to play in tournaments
  • Getting better output from other traditional chipping clubs.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Left hand and Right hand

You can check the review on amazon. We are hoping that you will satisfie after check review. 


3. Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper

Intech Golf EZ Roll Chipper is also the best one. The reason for putting it at number three is that most golfers give positive reviews about this club. 395 peoples given 4 stars review on amazon. I have given the link of this golf chipping club. You can check on Amazon.

Why is it better for chipping?

  • Back Weight Design – Provides better performance around the green for stroke saving abilities
  • Advanced Elegance Top Lines – For better alignment and precision
  • Potter Length with 7-Iron Loft – EZ Roll Chipper 35 Degrees
  • GOOSENECK HOSEL – Shank-proof design


What is Golf Chipping?

best golf club for chipping

Some newer golfers confuse chipping with pitching. To remember which is which, understand that chipping is more like putting. The chipping swing is basically restricted to the shoulders and arms; your body will remain still. A good chip shot is dependent on proper setup and swing. When you set up for a chip, use the open stance. Your feet and hips will be opened slightly toward the target. This stance may feel odd at first, but it is necessary to give your arms enough room to swing through toward the target. With the chip shot, you do not risk unhinging your wrists by using an open stance. Play the ball towards your back foot and narrow your stance. Use a neutral grip, but line the shaft up with your left thigh. You may want to move your hands down the shaft for better control. Using the shoulders, execute a simple pendulum swing. Make sure to hit the ball first, ground second.

Type of Golf chipping

There are three basic types of chips, each with its own purpose. Learning how to perform all three will greatly expand your golfing abilities.

The Standard Chip Shot

The goal of the standard chip shot is to get the ball airborne for about one-third of the distance to the hole and roll the rest of the way to the hole. Most golfers use either a wedge or the 9-iron for this shot. Play the ball in the middle of your stance with your feet fairly close together. Your hands must be well ahead of the ball to hit it properly. As you make your pendulum swing, remember to keep the clubface square.

The Soft Chip

Using the soft chip allows the ball to remain airborne longer. When it lands on the green, the ball should stop fairly quickly. Most players will use a sand wedge or lob wedge for this shot.

Unlike the standard chip, where you kept the clubface square, the soft chip calls for you to open the clubface a little. You will play the ball forward in your stance, feet close together, with your hands ahead of the ball through impact.

For this particular shot, you will need to accelerate the clubhead on the downswing, but not too much!

The Low Ball Chip

This is a good shot to have in your arsenal if you have a lot of distance to cover on the green. This chip shot is normally performed with one of the mid-irons. When you set up, play the ball to the back of your stance and make sure you hit the ball with a downward arc. The hands must be kept in front of the clubhead during your swing. For this shot, keep the face square to the target. The low ball chip allows for a lot of rolls once the ball hits the green. The accurate aim is essential to sinking the ball with this chip shot.

Top 5  Tips for Golf Chipping 

best golf club for chipping

Choice the Best golf Club for a Successful Golf Chipping

You have must the best golf club for chipping shot. If you don’t have then you should choose the right golf club. It needs to be mixed with options to match the situation. Height is the main factor to choose the right golf club for chipping.  Most of the golf player is using 8-irons for a chipping shot. If you used the right club then you can a chip shot to fly the ball perfectly.

If you are confused to which is the best club for your chipping shot then you can follow our post. In this post will help you to find out the right club.

Clubface Leading

If you have selected the best golf club for your chipping then now you need to the leading clubface. Leading clubface is the best tips for chipping. You need to be sure to control your hands the shot perfectly when you are in the right positions.

The Right Positions for the Chipping Shot

This is the No.3 tips for golf chipping. The right position is very important to make the shot. Most of the golfer makes the mistake to take the shot from the right position. The position should be open and narrow.

Make it easy through more practicing

The practice is the only way to improve your game. If you want to make easier your problem then you keep more and more practicing. If you want to learn golf chipping shot, you can follow our guideline and keeping it simple through more and more practicing.

Follow Any Golf Expert Player Guides and Tips

You must have a guideline to learn perfectly. Because of a golf expert or senior players share with you the right tips and guides better than other people. Because they already played this game. Without any guideline, you can’t improve your game.


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